About Us

We are one of the largest UK independent specialist, with years of experience. At Greenrooftops we offer top quality UK Sedum grown from seed containing 16 varieties for colour and texture. This ensures that there is a greater and more consistent mix of varieties in our modules. Whilst it impossible to always find all varieties in any one tray at least we can say that by starting with the best seed we have done our best. Our Sedum Blanket is grown from cuttings from this mix but tends to have fewer varieties present. We only sell our own home-grown sedum, we never buy in.

We believe in good old fashioned value from real people who know their stuff. Please accept our apologies if we cannot respond immediately to you as we do not have a fancy office with lots of people in it manning the phones but try the mobile numbers instead. On this site you are dealing direct with the grower and you are welcome to come and see us and see how we work.